On Saturday, January 14, STL Swede Speed will be gathering together to show our support for Saab and all of it's employees and potential buyers and to show thanks to Victor Muller and a number of others who did not and have not given up hope.

The exact time and place will hopefully be announced on Monday, but you can count on late afternoon in either West or South County, St. Louis.

In the words of Steven Wade:

"Plans are afoot to make January 14 a day when the fans of the brand can add their voice to the conversation. Meetings are being planned around the world right now. Saab fans will gather and at the very least, celebrate a car company that means something special to them.

"From my perspective, January 14th offers a couple of different opportunities.

"If Saab is still a chance to be sold as a whole company, January 14 offers a simliar opportunity to what we were presented with the Saab Support Convoys back in January 2010. It's a chance to keep the sale in the spotlight, and perhaps more importantly, it's a chance to let any potential buyers know that there's a significant community supporting this brand's continued existence.

"If the worst happens, and Saab is broken up by then (or a decision is made to do so), then the Saab community needs to consider it's own future. This is a chance to not only celebrate the brand's 64 years, but also a chance for people to get together and see just how big the global Saab family is."

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