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Author:  SwimDude0614 [ Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  SwimDude out...

Well folks... it's been a long and awesome five years with STL Swede Speed, but it's coming to an end this December. My girlfriend and I are starting our lives and careers in Omaha, NE after graduation from Rolla.

STL Swede Speed started a little more than five years ago at the St. Louis European Auto Show. If I recall correctly, there were about six or eight of us that then went to Texas Roadhouse afterward. It was the first time I'd ever paid for a meal with my debit card, and I felt like a little toddler among everyone else at the table. I was a few days away from my 17th birthday, and had just finished my Junior year of high school.

It didn't take but a few weeks after that before was up and running, forums included. The username SwimDude0614 was created on Monday, July 07, 2008 at 11:05 am. We quickly grew to about 30 members on the forums, thanks to the connections that a select few members had made prior to our start. On July 12 of 2009, we had our first STL Swede Speed birthday party at Genuine Saab. Speaking only for myself, it was a great time. The Taliaferro family is full of pure hearts and genuine souls, not just Saabs.

STL Swede Speed saw a spurt of growth and activity with the closing and reopening and closing and reopening again of Saab. The Save Saab convoy had an excellent turn out that I was THRILLED with. My TV appearance I was a little less pleased with... but none-the-less, it was a good time and we got some great pictures from it!

I'm going to end the history lesson here, with a strong club full of enthusiasm and hopeful spirits. I now hope that someone else will take up the reigns and push this club to once again become active and fun. I want high schoolers to talk about how jealous they are of those STL Swede Speed members and their rides. I want every Saab- and Volvo-loving St. Louis resident to proudly announce that they are STL Swede Speed members. I want STL Swede Speed to proudly announce all of its members to the world - poor and rich, young and.... less young.

To do this, we need someone with time on their hands, perseverance in their head, and thick skin over their bones. Without this person, the club will die. If you have time and perseverance, but thin skin, then small turn outs at meets will crush your dainty soul and you will eventually give up. The club will die. If you have time and thick skin, but no perseverance, events will never happen because nobody can ever agree on a time, date, or place. Take a guess at what happens when you have no time. I do not claim to be perfect at any of these - you don't need to be either. But if someone doesn't try, the club is as good as gone.

A few months ago, myself and a few others began to lay out the ground rules for a new, multi-chapter organization spanning all of Missouri and maybe even Chicago (Omaha too?). The notes all still exist - STL Swede Speed is welcome to either pick up where we left off, or continue down its current road as an entity by itself.

In either case, I hope someone will answer this plea with a resounding, "PICK ME!" Someone with a lot of time on their hands. Someone who cares equally about classic restorations and fast cars. Someone optimistic enough to try and get this club going again but realistic enough to know it won't happen overnight.

If that person has questions, I'm here for you. If I don't know the answer to his/her question, I've probably met someone in the last five years that does.

It has been a pleasure leading STL Swede Speed the entire time, and I do look forward to my next interaction with the club!

David Z

Author:  03scott93 [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SwimDude out...

I most definitely would if I had time! Between work full time, school full time and single dad full time...there's no chance at that! Lol
Sad to see you go but I wish you the very best on your new start!

Author:  SwimDude0614 [ Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SwimDude out...

03scott93 wrote:
Between work full time, school full time and single dad full time...

You're mad! I admire your dedication though... that must be complete hell. I hope you get through school and on to a high paying job with some thread of sanity still left!

In case other readers are wondering though, nobody has yet to step up. I haven't decided what will happen if nobody steps up before I leave.... I didn't think I'd need to decide.

Author:  03scott93 [ Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SwimDude out...

There will be sanity one day! Lol
And I hope someone can...I'd hate to see this thing die off completely! No takers from the Saab Club of Missouri crowd?

Author:  SwimDude0614 [ Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SwimDude out...

Nope. Not yet.

Author:  t@llpum@ [ Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SwimDude out...

Nice write-up.

I wish the best for you and good luck with the move and new life – congrats!

That Euro car show seems like it wasn't so long ago. Time flies!

Wish we/the club could have done more, but we did put together some good meets.

I wish there were more enthusiasm; a larger Saab and even Volvo community with more passion and dedication.

Unfortunately in St. Louis the Saab community is so small. We have seen a few good enthusiast move on or move away which doesn't help either.

I know Facebook is a path of growth for clubs but it also helps make forums obsolete and leaves them desolate. Stlvw for example. (but they even have trouble putting together a yearly drive with a much much bigger community/club)
I never actually thought we needed a forum... But it turned out to be quite nice when active. I personally choose not to use FB so I'm not quite the one to take this step.

I hope the Saab spirit can be revived and keep on, especially now with the original Saab company everyone loved forever gone. We can only wait and see what the new Saab becomes. I'm staying optimistic.

I am a little bothered;

I know recently I have not committed time to the club and have not had a part in the re-organization effort.

as a creator of this club (“co-president” I guess); helping/coming up with meets, creating the name (existing as a group on cardomain before the forum), graphics and fliers, keeping in contact with and compiling a list enthusiasts in the area, and then the task of getting people to actually interested in talking them into coming out to meets, I should be the natural choice to oversee the club.

I'm not going anywhere; I don't have just one Saab to get rid off and I can't really just move away. Saab for life.

My Saab addiction/passion resulting in a collection of projects because of my lack of self-restraint and being a major packrat is what has kept me from ever being being able to just walk off. It has kept me from moving out of state to study/for my other major interest: industrial/product design.

If someone does come along and puts forth the time/dedication, I'm all for it!

I do usually check the forum often, just haven’t been posting much. No point with no users.

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